Our Philosophy

At Hope Community Builders, we build eco-friendly, affordable, and comfortable single-family homes to an all round exacting standard.  Designed by a well-known architecture firm, our homes are not only pleasing to the eye, but also energy-efficient, built to Earthcraft® and Energy Star® standards.  Clients who choose to fit energy efficient appliances in their new homes can further benefit from measurable energy cost savings.

As a nonprofit corporation, our main task is to enhance affordability. We work with homebuyers, who otherwise may not be able to afford our homes because of income, by providing second and third deeds of trust, forgiven after a period of no more than 15 years, to cover the cost of the house not paid for by our clients’ mortgage loan. These funds, when available, include HOME funds (Federal funds availed through the State), funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank, and our own funds.  Moreover, the mortgage loans are from VHDA SPARC program, which for qualifying homebuyers is at least 0.5% below the market rate.

We believe that decent shelter is a right of every citizen, and that the provision of affordable homes is not an act of charity, but a partnership between homebuyer, government entities, and us.