1. VHDA – “SPARC“ allocations: These funds provide below market mortgage loans to home buyers and are a major source of affordability. For 2009/2010 season qualified homebuyers can borrow at 0.5% below the VHDA fised rate.

2. HOME Funds, when available, pays 10%-20% of the selling price of the home for qualified buyers.

3. State/Federal Governments: Affordable Home Preservation & Production (AHPP): This Federal program administered by the VA department of Housing and Community Development helps with infrastructure construction.

4. FHLB Grants: This is a competivie grant. When we succeed it pays for part of the closing cost.

5. Our own hard work: The staff, assisted by the Board, ultimately makes the homes affordable through sheer hard work. We subsidize it, depending on our resources, as much as 30% of the value of the home.